January 27 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1756 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian Composer, arguably, the greatest composer of all-time
1806 - Juan Crisostomo Arriaga, Spanish Composer
1823 - Edouard Lalo, French Composer
1832 - Lewis Carroll, Author
1850 - Edward J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic
1885 - Jerome Kern, American Composer of Musicals
1903 - John Carew Eccles, Neuro-psychologist
1921 - Donna Reed, Actress
1936 - Troy Donahue, Actor
1940 - James Cromwell, Actor
1948 - Mikhail Baryshnikov, Dancer
1956 - Mimi Rogers, Actress
1964 - Bridget Fonda, Actress
1980 - Marat Safin, Tennis player

None known

Historical Events

1906 - Mozart's Don Giovanni is staged at the Metropolitan Opera to honour the composer's sesquicentennial.

1945 - The liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet army takes place.  Auschwitz is the largest killing camp established by the Nazis, responsible of the death of over a million Jewish people.

1983 - the world's longest sub-aqueous tunnel (33.5 miles or 53.90 km), opens in Japan, connecting the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido.

1984 - Michael Jackson's hair catches fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in Los angeles. He was hospitalized for a few days.   

1997 - It is revealed that French museums contain nearly 2,000 pieces of art stolen by Nazis.

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