January 25 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1759 - Robert Burns, considered the most famous poet of Scotland, famous for "Auld Lang Syne" (sung by Dougie Maclean) and "A Red, Red Rose" (Sung by Andy M. Stewart), R. Burns: The Man and his Legend (Documentary)
1874 - William Somerset Maugham, British Playwright, Novelist and Short Story Writer, most famous for Of Human Bondage and The Razor's Edge.
1882 - Virginia Woolf, English Writer,  considered one of the most important modernist 20th-century authors and a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device.
1913 - Witold Lutoslawski, Polish Composer
1933 - Corazon C. Aquino, 11th President of the Philippines and the first woman to hold that office, wife of former Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr., and mother of Benigno Aquino III, 15th President of the Philippines.
1944 - Leigh Taylor-Young, Actress
1979 - Christine Lakin, Actress

Actress Christine Lakin


Felix Mendelssohn's Wedding March from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Video below is a performance by the Berliner Philharmoniker, with Claudio Abbado conducting. (Uploaded by Berliner Philharmoniker, accessed January 24, 2018)

Historical Events

1858 - "The Wedding March" by Felix Mendelssohn becomes a popular wedding recession after it is played on this day at the marriage of Queen Victoria's daughter, Victoria, to Friedrich of Prussia.

1924 - The first winter Olympics is held.

1949 - In the first Israeli election, David Ben-Gurion becomes Prime Minister.

1980 - Ex-Beatles singer/musician Paul McCartney is deported from Japan for possession of marijuana after spending nine days in jail.

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