January 24 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

76 C.E. - Hadrian, Roman Emperor
1670 -
William Congreve, Playwright
1679 -
Christian Wolff, Philosopher
1862 -
Edith Wharton, Writer
1917 -
Ernest Borgnine, Actor
1941 -
Neil Diamond, Singer & Songwriter
1943 -
Sharon Tate, Actress
1949 -
John Belushi, Actor
1978 - Kristen Schaal, Comedian and Actress

None known

Featuring Neil Diamond's "You don't bring me flowers."  
The song was written by Neil Diamond with Alan & Marilyn Bergman for the TV show 'All that Glitters,' intended to be the theme song, but Norman Lear changed the concept of the show making the song inappropriate. Diamond expanded the track from 45 seconds to 3:17, also added instrumental sections and an additional verse. The Bergmans contributed to the song's lyrics. Below is a video with Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond singing a duet. (Youtube uploaded by strangeuniverse1. Accessed January 23, 2018)  

Historical Events

41 C.E.  - Roman Emperor Gaius Caesar (Caligula), known for his eccentricities and cruel despotism, is assassinated by his disgruntled Praetorian Guards. His uncle Claudius succeeds him.

1536 - Henry VIII falls during a joust and the horse rolls over him that leaves him unconscious.   He later became enormously fat, but he remains very sporting into his forties.

1848 - The California gold rush began when James W. Marshall finds gold at Sutter's Mill near Sacramento.

1888 - Jacob L. Wortman patents the typewriter ribbon.

1908 - The world's first Boy Scout organization is founded in England by Sir Robert Baden Powell.

1924 - St. Petersburg, Russia, is renamed Leningrad in the wake of the Russian Revolution.

1965 -  UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill dies in London, aged 90. The venue for his state funeral six days later, most of which he planned himself, is at St. Paul's Cathedral, home to the tombs of Lord Nelson and Wellington.

1989 - Serial killer Ted Bundy, convicted of the murder of three women, is executed by electric chair in Florida, U.S. Just before he dies, he confesses to killing a further 19 women.

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