March 26 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1859 - Alfred Edward Housman, Poet
1874 - Robert Frost, Poet, Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet, U.S. Poet Laureate
1911 - Tennessee Williams (Thomas Lanier Williams), Pulitzer Prize-winning Playwright and Author
1925 - Pierre Boulez - French Conductor and Composer
1940 - James Caan, Actor
1942 - Akira Kurosawa, Film director
1944 - Diana Ross, Singer

Actor James Caan

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven 

Historical Events

1723 - Johann Sebastian Bach's St John Passion is first performed on Good Friday services at St. Thomas-Kirche, in Leipzig. 

1827 - Ludwig van Beethoven dies in Vienna, aged 56.

1828 - Franz Schubert gives a public concert of his own works, in Vienna. It proves an artistic and financial success. 

1953 - Jonas Salk announces he has developed a vaccine for poliomyelitis, otherwise known as infantile paralysis. 

1964 - Funny Girl starring Barbara Streisand, 20 years old, opens on Broadway. According to New York Times, Streisand "knocked New York on its ears."

1973 - The London Stock Exchange admits women for the first time in its 200-year history. Ten women were admitted on this day, and 28 years later Clara Furse gains one of the most senior roles, that of chief executive.

1979 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Manachim Begin sign a peace treaty at the White House in Washington D.C., ending 30 years of conflict. They were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978.

1999 - The Melissa computer virus strikes, infecting around one million personal computers and causing around U.S. $80nmillion worth of damage.

2000 - Vladimir Putin, acting President of Russia sine the resignation of Boris Yeltsin on December 31, 1999, is elected President.

2001 - The Russian Mir space station is brought down and breaks up over the ocean between Chile and New Zealand. It was launched in February 1986, and had traveled 20.9 billion miles or 33.6 billion km, in 86,331 orbits of the Earth.

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