March 3 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1847 - Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor
1869 - Sir Henry J. Wood, English Conductor and Composer
1887 - Rupert Brooke, Poet
1911 - Jean Harlow, Actress
1918 - Arthur Kornberg, American Biochemist and Physician, shared 1959 Nobel Prize in Medicine
1920 - Ronald Searle, British cartoonist
1962 - Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Athlete

Cartoonist Ronald Searle

Historical Events

1539 - Sir Nicholas Carew, a very accomplished knight and once a favourite of King Henry VIII is beheaded. He was a distant relative of Anne Boleyn. Carew was present at "The Field of the Cloth of Gold", Henry VIII's meeting with the French king near Calais. At the jousting on that day, Carew was successful against all-comers and not unhorsed. The story goes that when King Henry VIII spoke rudely to him at a game of bowls, he forgot caution and treated the king in the same manner, deeply offending the king. Carew was eventually charged with exchanging letters with Exeter, a traitor, and was executed at London's Tower Hill.

1817 - John Keats' first volume of poems is published

1861 - Tsar Alexander II frees Russia's serfs from being tied to landowners. He also gives them lands, which they must pay for over the following 49 years.

1863 - Gian Carlo Menotti's opera Labyrinth for television, is first televised. He is also wrote the libretto.  

1875 - The opera Carmen composed by French composer Georges Bizet's is first performed.

1941 - Operation Claymore takes place in which a British commando attacks Nazi facilities in Norway's Lofoten Islands in an attempt to capture an Enigma code machine. Aside from finding Enigma machine parts and code books, the commando expedition also destroyed factories, gallons of oil and sunk tons of shipping. They also captured German prisoners and returned with loyal Norwegians.

1974 - As a German bombing of London begins, the crowd stampedes for shelter in Bethnal Green Railway Station. 173 people are reported trampled to death.

1970 - Marilyn Horne makes her Metropolitan Opera debut in New York City. 

1985 - A waxwork model of Michael Jackson goes on display at madame Tussauds, London.

1991 - Police in Los Angeles Beat Rodney King. The event is caught on videotape.

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