February 23 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1633 - Samuel Pepys, diarist
1685 - George Frideric Handel, composer, especially famous for oratorio "Messiah"
1863 - Charles Joseph Chamberlain, botanist
1928 - Vasili Lazarev, cosmonaut
1940 - Peter Fonda, actor
1951 - Shigefumi Mori, mathematician
1994 - Dakota Fanning, actress

Actor Peter Fonda

In memory of Handel's birthday, I share two videos of Handel's most famous work, "Messiah" - one performed by the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs (December, 2015, with Australian sign language, AUSLAN) and another, "Hallelujah" Chorus performed as a flash mob.  Whether you are a God-believer or not, this optimistic work of Handel is universal. This wonderful and majestic music reinforces that hope is universal.

On November 13, 2010, unsuspecting shoppers got a wonderful big surprise while enjoying their lunch from this awesome Christmas Flash Mob.

Historical Events

1455 - Traditional date for the publication of the Gutenberg Bible, the first Western book printed from movable type.

1689 - Dutch Prince William III is proclaimed King of England.

1835 - The premiere of opera La Juive by French composer  Fromental Halévy (27 May 1799 - 17 March 1862), performed at the Paris Opera.  Jacques-François-Fromental-Élie Halévy, usually referred as Fromental Halévy, is known largely for this opera.

1854 -  Hungarian composer, conductor, and virtuoso pianist Franz Liszt conducts the first performance of his symphonic poem Les Preludes in Weimar. The concert was for the benefit of widows of former Court Orchestra members.

1863 - British explorers John Hanning Speke and J.A. Grant announce they have found the source of the river Nile.

1874 - A game called "sphairistike" is patented by Walter Winfield. It is now commonly known as lawn tennis.

1893 - Rudolf Diesel receives a patent for the diesel engine.

1905 - In Chicago, Illinois, Attorney Paul Harris and three other businessmen meet for lunch to form the Rotary Club, the world's first service club.

1919 - Benito Mussolini forms the Fascist Party in Italy.

1954 - The first mass vaccination of children against polio begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1962 - One of the famous operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Marriage of Figaro (Le nozze di Figaro), was performed at the Metropolitan Opera, with Judith Raskin making her opera debut.

1987 - Supernova 1987A in LMC is first sighted, the first supernova to the visible eye since 1604 and the brightest of the 20th century.

1991 - Ground troops cross the Saudi Arabia border and enter Iraq, starting the ground phase of the Gulf War.

Video Credit:
Handel: Messiah - performed in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). YouTube, uploaded by the Sydney Opera House. Accesed February 23, 2017.

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!.  Youtube, uploaded by Alphabet Photography. Accessed 23 February 2014.

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