February 25 Dateline

Famous Birthdays:

1841 - Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Painter and Sculptor
1873 - Enrico Caruso, Tenor.
1890 - Dame Myra Hess, English Pianist
1901 - Zappo Marx, actor
1917 - Anthony Burgess, Novelist
1943 - George Harrison, English Rock Singer, member of The Beatles. 

Tenor Enrico Caruso

Dame Myra Hess (25 February 1890 – 25 November 1965), and her famous arrangement of Bach's Chorale "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."

Her favourite anecdote relating to Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" concerned a British soldier who whistled it on a train during the war. "Are you interested in Bach?" The soldier was asked by a journalist. "No," he answered. "But you are whistling a Bach composition," the newsman insisted. "That's no Bach," he replied indignantly. "That's Myra Hess."  -  (From Marian McKenna's "Myra Hess -- A Portrait") - - -  Below, video uploaded by pianopera.  Accessed February 25, 2018.

1723 - Sir Christopher Wren, Considered greatest architect of his time.  Along with more than fifty other churches and secular buildings, he designed London's St Paul's Cathedral, Monument to the Great Fire of 1666, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and library at Trinity, Cambridge.
1852 - Thomas Moore, Poet, Singer, Songwriter, famous for lyrics of "The Last Rose of Summer" 
1983 - Tennessee Williams, Playwright
2001 - Sir Donald Bradman, Cricketeer

A video of "The Last Rose of Summer" sung by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. Youtube, uploaded by acatalano2641.  Accessed 25 February 2018.

The Last Rose of Summer is a poem by Irish poet Thomas Moore written in 1805 while he was at  Jenkinstown Park in County Kilkenny, Ireland, said to have been inspired by a specimen Rosa 'Old Blush'. The music is a traditional tune called "Aislean an Oigfear" or "The Young Man's Dream", transcribed by Edward Bunting in 1792. The poem and the tune together were published in December 1813, Volume 5 of Moore's A Selection of Irish Melodies.  

Historical Events:

1570 - Pope Pius V excommunicates English Queen Elizabeth I from the Catholic Church and absolves from having to pledge allegiance to her.

1836 - Samuel Colt receives a patent for a pistol that uses a revolving cylinder containing powder and bullets in 6 individual tubes.

1837 - The first U.S. electric printing press is patented by Thomas Davenport.

1905 - Serge Koussevitsky is soloist in the premiere of his Double-bass Concerto, in Moscow.

1964 - Cassius Clay (later becomes Muhammad Ali) beats Sonny Liston in Miami Beach, Florida. He is crowned the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

1986 - President Ferdinand E. Marcos of the Philippines flees the nation after 20 years of rule. Corazon Aquino becomes the first woman president of the country.

2006 - The world's estimated population reaches the 6.5 billion mark.

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