February 21 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1801 - Johann W. Kalliwoda, Composer, Conductor and Violinist. (Alternative Names/Transliterations: Jan Křtitel Václav Kalivoda, Johannes Wenzeslaus Kalliwoda, Jan Kalivoda. He is the father of Wilhelm Kalliwoda, who followed in his father's music career footsteps. Listening pleasure: Concertino for Oboe.)
1836 - Léo Delibes, French Composer of operas and ballets, whose works include the ballets Coppelia and Sylvia, and the opera Lakme.  (Léo Delibes Ballet Coppélia (1. partie). Uploaded by Volodimir Valik. Accessed February 22, 2019.)  
1893 - Andres Segovia, Spanish guitar virtuoso (Andrés Segovia - Recital 1962 (rare video live !). Uploaded by Daniel Magli. Accessed February 22, 2019.)
1903 - Anaïs Nin,  French-American Diarist, Essayist, Novelist, and Writer of short stories and erotica. Born to Cuban parents in France, Nin was the daughter of composer Joaquín Nin and Rosa Culmell, a classically trained singer.
1907 - W.H. Auden, (Wystan Hugh Auden), English-American Poet. His poetry was noted for its stylistic and technical achievement, and its variety in tone, form and content.
1924 - Robert Mugabe, First President of Zimbabwe
1927 - Erma Bombeck, Humourist
1927 - Hubert de Givenchy, Fashion designer
1933 - Nina Simone, Singer
1961 - Christopher Atkins, Actor
1979 - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress and Singer
1983 - Melanie Laurent,  Actress, Model, Singer

Actress Melanie Laurent

In Memoriam:  
Rev. Billy Graham, American Christian evangelist, who passed today, Feb 21, 2018 (at this writing), aged 99. Arguably, he was the most influential preacher of the 20th century.  Billy Graham Documentary: Leadership and Legacy in History (Accessed Feb. 21, 2018),  Billy Graham, America's Pastor has Died (USA Today, Accessed Feb. 21, 2018)

Léo Delibes' "Flower Duet" from his opera Lakmé, performed by Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca (Lakmé de Delibes).  YouTube, uploaded by JustASuicidalGirl. Accessed February 21, 2018.

Historical Events

1431 - The trial of Joan of Arc begins.   

1842 - John J. Greenough patents his sewing machine invention.  

1848 - Karl Marx, aged 29, publishes the Communist Manifesto in England.

1875 - Jeanne Calment is born, going on to live for 122 years 164 days, the longest confirmed lifespan for any human being noted in history.

1947 - Edwin Land demonstrates the first "instant camera" in New York City - the Polaroid Land Camera, to a meeting of the Optical Society of America.

1952 - Winston Churchill permanently abolishes ID cards. He is just restored as Prime Minister after the post-war government of Clement Attlee.   

1953 - Francis Crick and James D. Watson discover the structure of the DNA molecule. 

1958 -  The peace symbol design was completed. It was commissioned by the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. (Refer to the 19 ‪‎Nobel Peace Prizes‬ awarded within the field of arms control and disarmament: http://goo.gl/emc9y8.

Video Credit:

Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda - Concertino pour hautbois. YouTube, uploaded by Michel Le Naviose. Accessed February 21, 2018. (Orchestre symphonique Sostenuto - Soliste Johannes Grosso - Direction Takashi Kondo - 1 novembre 2014 - Maison de la Culture de Clermont-Ferrand)


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Posted 2007. Updated February 22, 2019.  

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