February 19 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1473 - Nicolaus Copernicus, Astronomer. His understanding of the solar system overturns the idea that the universe revolves around the earth. He was the first to describe the planets revolving around the sun.
1743 - Luigi Boccherini, Italian Cellist and Composer
1873 - John Reed Swanton, Anthropologist and Ethnologist
1902 - Kay Boyle, Short-Story Writer and Novelist 
1924 - Lee Marvin, Actor
1940 - Smokey Robinson, Musician
1952 - Amy Tan, Novelist
1960 - Prince Andrew, Duke of York
1963 - Seal, Singer

Singer Seal


Luigi Boccherini's beautiful Complete Cello Concerti, with Julius Berger.  Played on Boccherini's Stradivari-Violoncello. The painting is "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains" by Albert Bierstadt.

Historical Events

1878 - The phonograph is patented by Thomas Alva Edison.  

1906 - Wheat flakes made by Dr. John Kellogg and his brother Will go on sale in the U.S.  

1915 - The Battle of Gallipoli officially begins.

1985 - EastEnders first airs on television across Great Britain.
2004 - Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal is awarded honorary knighthood for a "lifetime of service to humanity."

2006 - The Rolling Stones hold the world's largest concert in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. more than one million people in attendance.

Video Credit:

Luigi Boccherini Complete Concertos. YouTube, uploaded by messer citrazzo. Accessed February 19, 2018.

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