April 27 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1759 - Mary Wollstonecraft, Writer & Feminist, Mother of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
1791 - Samuel Morse, Inventor
1822 - Ulysses S. Grant, 18th U.S. President
1874 - Maurice Baring, English Novelist, Essayist and Poet 

None known

Historical Events

1667 - Poet  John Milton, now blind and destitute, sells the publishing rights to his epic Paradise Lost for 10 British Pounds, his most famous work. (Here's a link, all about John Milton's Paradise Lost, uploaded by Eric Masters. © ''IntelliQuest World's 100 Greatest Books'' 1995. Accessed April 27, 2018.) 

1775 - The Tea Act is passed by the British Parliament, lowering the tea tax and allowing East India Company to monopolize the tea trade in America.

1867 - Charles Gounod's opera Romeo et Juliette opens in Paris at the Lyric Theatre, starring Marie Miolan-Carvalho.

1941 - German forces invade Athens during World War II.

1961 - West Africa's Sierra Leone wins independence after 150 years of British rule.

1992 - Serbia and Montenegro become the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

1994 - The first fully democratic multi-racial elections are held in South Africa, with the abolition of apartheid.Black activist Nelson Mandela is sworn in as President on May 10. His inauguration was a stark contrast to the 27 years spent in jail as a political prisoner, advocating for the abolition of racial segregation as political prisoner

2005 - Maiden flight of the Airbus A380, from Toulouse, France. It replaces the 747 jumbo jet as the world's largest passenger plane. 

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