April 20 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1818 - Heinrich Göbel, Inventor
1881 - Nikolai Myaskovsky (or Miaskovsky), Russian & Soviet Composer, sometimes referred to as "Father of the Soviet Symphony"
1889 - Adolf Hitler, Leader of the Nazi Party
1893 - Joan Miro, Painter
1941 - Ryan O'Neal, Actor
1964 - Crispin Glover, Actor

Actor Ryan O'Neal

Composer Nikolai Myaskovsky's Symphony No. 1 (1908).  YouTube, uploaded by UnsungMasterworks.  Accessed April 20, 2018.   

Historical Events

1657 - The Battle of Santa Cruz takes place in the Canary Islands. It is the greatest victory over the Spanish since the Armada in 1588. Commanded by Admiral Blake, 16 Spanish ships are destroyed by an English fleet.

1792 - France declares war on Austria.

1862 - Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard complete their first pasteurization test.

1902 - Pierre and Marie Curie isolate radium from the mineral pitchblende. A year later, the married couple, and with Henri Becquerel, are awarded a Nobel Prize for their research into radioactivity.

1972 - Lunar module Orion touches down on the Moon's surface. In its early hours, the Apollo 16 crew land on the surface of the Moon after problems with the propulsion system of command module Casper nearly saw this mission aborted. The Apollo 16 mission was the 5th time humans had been on the moon, and the first time anyone had landed on the moon's highlands, near the Descartes crater. The mission ended successfully when the crew returned to Earth on April 27, 1972.

1999 - Two students open fire on schoolmates and teachers in what becomes known as the Columbine high School Massacre. This happened in Littleton, Colorado.

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