May 18 Datebook

Famous Birthdays

1830 - Karoly (Carl) Goldmark, Composer
1868 - Nicholas II, the Last Russian Tsar
1872 - Bertrand Russell, mathematician, Philosopher, and Social Reformer
1913 - Perry Como, Singer
1917 - Erik Satie's ballet Parade is first stage by Diaghilev's Ballet Russe, in Paris.
1919 - Dame Margot Fonteyn, Ballet Dancer (M. Fonteyn dancing with Rudolf Nureyev - Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Accessed May 18, 2018.)
1920 - Pope John Paul II

None known


Karl Goldmark's Rustic Wedding Symphony (Ländliche Hochzeit) in E-flat major, Op. 26. It was written in 1875, a year before his renowned Violin Concerto No. 1. The symphony was premiered in Vienna on 5 March 1876, conducted by Hans Richter. Johannes Brahms, a frequent walking companion of Goldmark's, and whose own Symphony No. 1 was not premiered until November 1876, told him: "That is the best thing you have done; clear-cut and faultless, it sprang into being a finished thing, like Minerva from the head of Jupiter." Its first American performance was at New York Philharmonic Society concert, conducted by Theodore Thomas on 13 January 1877.

Historical Events

1802 - Great Britain declares war on Napoleon's France. 

1804 - The French Senate proclaims Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France.  

1980 - Mt. St. Helens in Washington state erupts, killing 57 people and hundreds of animals died from devastating effects.This eruption is considered as the most deadly and economically destructive volcanic eruption in U.S. history.
1991 - Helen Sharman becomes the first British person in space, having been selected from 13,000 applicants and blasts off on a Soviet scientific mission. She answered an advertisement on the radio for an "astronaut wanted, no experience necessary."


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