Sydney Philharmonia Choirs - Haydn's The Creation

Choral Singing / Oratorio

Haydn's The Creation presented by the Sydney Philharmonia Festival Chorus

Date: Saturday 26 May 2018 at 5pm
Venue: Centennial Hall, Sydney

Joseph Haydn’s visionary masterpiece depicts nothing less than the creation of the universe, in music of sublime imagination and power.

Haydn, renowned for his innovative symphonies in London, was inspired by Handel’s example to try his hand at the oratorio – but on a scale never before seen. Searching for a subject, a friend apparently pointed at a Bible and said, “Take that, and begin at the beginning.” The Creation therefore begins with a seething and dissonant depiction of chaos before light bursts out in a radiant C major affirmation of balance and order. In the stunning sequence of arias and choruses that follows we meet larks, whales, angels, tigers and the first people. Haydn’s perfectly-judged music evokes all of the events of Genesis with a winning blend of humour and sophistication – all lowing oxen and angelic choirs – that made it an overnight success, aided by being released simultaneously in both English and German.

The Creation has remained a much-anticipated highlight of choral seasons ever since, a delight to hear and to sing, resplendent with Classical optimism, grace and grandeur. As befits this expansive and festive work, the Sydney Philharmonia Festival Chorus and The Metropolitan Orchestra perform in the ornate splendour of Centennial Hall at Sydney Town Hall, with soloists led by luminous award-winning soprano Taryn Fiebig.

"The Heavens are Telling!"
The heavens are telling the glory of God! 
The wonder of His works displays the firmament ...

Haydn said that he hoped The Creation would “become a source from which the careworn... will for a while derive peace and refreshment.” As you’ll discover, his wish has come true – the warm humanity, colour and tunefulness of Haydn’s greatest creation is a life-affirming haven for audiences everywhere.


Brett Weymark conductor 
Taryn Fiebig soprano 
Nicholas Jones tenor 
Jud Arthur bass
Festival Chorus
The Metropolitan Orchestra

Pre-concert talk: Held 45 minutes prior to the performance, presented by Sydney Philharmonia Choirs in association with Fine Music FM.

Running time: 2 hours and 10 minutes including a 20 minute interval 


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