January 1 Dateline


A prosperous, healthy and safe New Year!


Finding strength in what remains behind, and starting a fresh new day.

To keep going back and wish about our yesterdays prevent us from living fully and moving on. We all make mistakes. If others can't forgive us no matter how we try to make amends, we can't do much about that. But what we can do is forgive ourselves and do something about it, give ourselves a fresh chance --- a new year beckons. Welcome the new year!

Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote this poignant poem "Auld Lang Syne" in the late 1700s. Sharing a favourite video.

Here's another link to Auld Lang Syne, with lyrics and English translation.


Famous Birthdays

1449 - Lorenzo de Medici, Statesman
1879 - E.M. Forster, Writer (E.M. Forster; Life & Works, uploaded by Literature forever. Accessed January 1, 2017. Why you should read Forster's Howards End, uploaded by Effusions of Wit. Accessed January 1, 2015.)
1895 - J. Edgar Hoover, Former FBI Director
1908 - Eileen A. Joyce, Australian Pianist (E. Joyce plays 'Piano Favourites (1950s)'
1919 - J.D. Salinger, Writer

We remember and thank leftie Emperor Charlemagne (born April 2, 742) for establishing our present calendar, and making the first New Year's Day as January 1, A.D. 799.

Historical Events

45 BC - New Year's Day is celebrated for the first time, after Julius Caesar's reform of the calendar to 365 days. Our calendar os based on the slightly revised version created by Pope Gregory in 1582.

1818 - Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein (subtitled The Modern Prometheus), is published.

1908 - Gustav Mahler accepts the post of principal conductor at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and makes his debut directing Tristan und Isolde.

1978 - Air India Flight 855 Boeing 747 explodes and crashes into the sea off the coast of Bombay, killing 213 people.

Video Credit:

Auld Lang Syne. YouTube. Andrew Grumman - Maestro. Retrieved January 1, 2017.

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