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Soundtrack / The Piano (Film)

Beautiful music! I'm in awe of the melody. 

Mute pianist, Ada arrives in 19th Century New Zealand, with her daughter and beloved piano, as the reluctant participant in an arranged marriage. Of all her belongings her husband abandons only the piano, selling it to his illiterate neighbour, Baines. Unable to bear its certain destruction, Ada strikes a bargain to earn back her piano despite the unusual conditions attached. A tour de force in filmmaking, The Piano received three Academy Awards including Best Actress (Holly Hunter), Best Supporting Actress (Anna Paquin) and Best Original Screenplay (Director Jane Campion). It stars Holly Hunter, Harvey Kietel, Sam Neill,  and then 11-year old Anna Paquin in her first starring role.

The original soundtrack is on the Virgin Records label, of the 1993 Academy Award-winning film The Piano. The original score was composed by Michael Nyman. The main theme is based on a traditional Scottish melody titled "Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa."  Despite being called a "soundtrack", this is a partial score re-recording, as Nyman himself also performs the piano on the album, whereas the film version is performed by lead actress Holly Hunter. The music is performed by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nyman with Michael Nyman Band members.

Video Credit:

Music from The Piano (film) - Soundtrack by Michael Nyman.  YouTube, uploaded by liebedian. Accessed  September 24, 2009.

The track listing (20 titles):

1.  To the Edge of the Earth
2.  Big My Secret
3.  A Wild and Distant Shore
4.  The Heart Asks Pleasure First
5.  Here to There
6.  The Promise
7.  A Bed of Ferns
8.  The Fling
9.  The Scent of Love
10. Deep into the Forest
11. The Mood That Passes Through You
12. Lost and Found
13. The Embrace
14. Little Impulse
15. The Sacrifice
16. I Clipped Your Wing
17. The Wounded
18.  All Imperfect Things
19. Dreams of a Journey
20. The Heart Asks Pleasure First/The Promise


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