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Inspired Pen Web  is home to multi-topic niches I am passionate about. My aim is to share, inform, and inspire. 

Grateful thank-you to all friends, supporters and visitors. You are greatly appreciated.  We welcome your well-meant comments, suggestions, and ideas.


About me:

My educational background is science and business, with more than 28 years career in the information technology. However, in private, I have relentlessly pursued my passions for classical music (from Renaissance to late Romantic eras, and in particular, Mozart), choral singing, traditional hymns and sacred music, biographies, literature, classic films & soundtracks, and the arts. Booklover.  

I love flowers & gardens, seaside, quizzes & brain teasers, peace & quiet, travelling, and a good cup of coffee. My previous employers include: IBM Global Services, Computer Sciences Corporation / AMP.  Educational background: B.Science in Chemistry, Business (MBA), on-going self-education and courses in Classical Music and Creative Writing (The Teaching Company and Sydney Open Academy at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.)

Latest update of this page: February 15, 2017. 

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