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Science (formerly "Inventions and Discoveries" at wordpress.com), is all about amazing discoveries and inventions, along with the brilliant minds, inventors and scientists.

There are amazing facts and information, along with website links I'll provide from time to time.

Who invented the Internet? Everybody talks about iPods invented by Apple company, but what about microwaves, surgical instruments, electricity, the history of computers, television and radio, and yes, the World Wide Web for faster communication. The list is endless. We should be forever grateful for what the great thinkers have given us through generations. 

Everybody knows and talks about Newton or Einstein or Marie Curie, but how about the numerous significant inventors whose names are not easily recognized?

This subject will highlight many of these great scientists and inventors, including their own challenges, those inventors and pioneers whose inventions we benefit from - appliances at home, at work, fun and games, fashion, perfumes, and not to be forgotten, earliest inventions.

One thing is sure, science and technology will continually alter the way we live.

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September 11, 2007

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