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Writer Writing is offshoot to my longtime writing blog Inspired Pen Writing. It included tips & ideas about online content writing, creative writing, freelance writing, how to make the internet work for the writer, a day in the life of a writer, really, just about anything related to writing, mainly geared for the aspiring writer.

I’m honoured to feature colleagues & friends in my writing world as far back as 2005. Their shared insights and experiences in "On Being a Writer" poignantly speak for themselves. They challenge. They inspire.

I find Natalie Goldberg's "Living Twice" taken from her famous book Writing Down the Bones simply defining. She writes and I quote: "Writers live twice. They go along with their regular life, are as fast as anyone in the grocery store, crossing the street... But there's another part of them that they have been training. The one that lives everything a second time.That sits down and sees their life again and goes over it."

And Virginia Woolf's advice to writers keep coming back in one sweep: "Summon all your courage, exert all your vigilance, invoke all the gifts that Nature has been induced to bestow. Then let your rhythmical sense wind itself in and out among men and women, omnibuses, sparrows - whatever come along the street - until it has strung them together in one harmonious whole."

(Updated March 29, 2010)

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