Tips on Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are on going skills in the publishing world. Most seasoned writings are also editors and proofreaders. With the advent of the internet, along came electronic publishing. As writers, we now look to be aware and understand the implications for possibilities in integrating proofreading and editing into the online technologies, including the rise of e-books,  and something like e-reader.

Editing to revise, looking at words, sentences and paragraphs

I read my first draft,

Read it through.

Added more ideas.

Crossed out the others.

Read my draft again.

Did I make sense?

Not quite.

Read the draft again.

Make sense?


Proofreading - symbols and how to use them

It is important to know proofreading symbols and how to use them; include too checking for spelling and punctuation.

In the traditional publishing world, it's the process of reading the galley proof of the text (image or other art), to correct production errors.

For individualised checking, proofreading marks are often used. These are symbols placed in the margin whilst checking for errors. It also facilitates for another person to counter check the draft other than self.

Okay, my thoughts here are too simplistic but serve the purpose of what I'm driving up - that editing and proofreading are important and should not be taken for granted by any writer. Even the seasoned.

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